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Welcome to Kinder

As you know, Bedford County Public Schools will be closed the remainder of the school year. While your child is at home, the following activities would be helpful but not required to continue their academic growth in kindergarten. Please continue to send pictures and messages from the children.  I hope to see everyone soon!

Online School Resources - Updated 3/24/2020

These suggested activities are not required or graded.

These are the recent learning objectives we have been covering in the math. 


Counting -

  • Count backwards from 10-0, beginning at any number in sequence from a given number( given 6 - 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

  • Counting by 1s, 5s, and 10s to 100

  • Identify the number that comes before or after a number between 1- 100.


  • Identify the coins - penny, nickel, dime, and quarter

  • Identify the value of each coin

  • Identify nickel =5 pennies, dime=10 pennies, quarter=25 pennies

  • Money Money Money Kids Song by Rhonda Crigger (favorite class song)

  • Coins by ABC (favorite class song)

FES Webpage with Links: This link takes you to the FES Our School/ School Websites tab for kindergarten.

Explanation of those sites and others we use in the classroom - Mrs. Silvey composed this list for our kindergarteners. :-) 

GoNoodle: (songs and movement activities) 

You can set up your own family account. We use this daily at school so the kids are familiar with it.

Scholastic News Online:
  • Click login, then “I am a student.”
  • Enter our class password: camfes
We use this weekly at school. There are fun games and videos that go along with each magazine. If you have a printer, there are fun pages to print & use as well. 

Scholastic Learn at Home:
Click on Pre K and K.  It has daily lessons with books to read or be read to, stem, movement, and drawing activities.  The students using this site have really liked it.

Mystery Science:
We did these lessons at Morning Meetings on Mondays and called it Mystery Monday. The children enjoyed them. It is now available at home without a membership.  Below is a sample one we did in class. 


Epic! Books:

  • It is free at home until June 30, 2020 
  • Select the Students tab on the bar at the top of the page
  • Enter the Class code: mtg7916
  • Select your child's name
  • You will have to enter information for your child to begin to use it at home
  • Please contact me if you cannot access the books I have selected for your child
  • Some of these books are AR books which gives you a reading level. I am in the process of selecting books for my students. Please don't be overwhelmed when you see the book list for your child. I will be placing lots of books under your child's name so he/she can choose topics or characters that interest him/her.  

Accelerated Reader (AR) **Keep a list of AR books your child reads so they can test and earn points when we return to school! At this time, there is no test access from home.

Brainpop Jr. This site provides free at home use during our closure. I am working to add everyone in our class on the roster and will provide the access as soon as possible.

Super Kids Online
  • Login to your account. Students have their own password (picture) they use in class each week. You can access it by going to the FES webpage link listed above in red ink.
  • We just completed Bb and Rr. The letters Mm and Pp will be next. Most of the students know all of the individual letter sounds. We have also practiced ch, sh and th which can be a challenge for us.
  • There is a READ tab at the bottom of the screen.  This tab will take your child to leveled readers.  The easy readers are at the beginning of the selection.  The first books listed are wordless ones.  The remaining books begin with the easy readers which have one sentence on each page.  The books progress to on level and challenge ones.  These are excellent readers to practice your child's decoding skills using the letter sounds he/she has acquired this year.  

Learning A-Z   Kids A-Z Login Instructions

  • Enter or choose the teacher's username, c10394m
  • Your child finds his or her username on the class chart, (by first name)
  • Your child enters his or her password. If your child doesn't remember his/her picture, please contact me. 

  • Your child's login and password is their school number(lunch and library)  

Writing Suggestions
  • Practice writing the letters of the alphabet with correct formation
  • Write words containing 3 or 4 letters called out by an adult
  • Draw a picture and write a short sentence about the picture
  • Send a friend or Mrs. Middleton a picture with a short note attached.  Please see your email for the information to complete this one. 
Sight Word Sites
The above websites provide a variety of activities you can use to assist your child in learning the sight words on the list I sent home. If your child has learned all of those words, please contact me and I will provide the next word list. To obtain additional individual sight word cards
  • Go to
  • Select Flash Cards in the bar at the top of the screen
  • Select Dolch Sight Words from the list
  • Select the appropriate list - Preprimer is the first list I sent home. It is followed by Primer, First, Second, and Third
  • This site also provides games, word search, and assessments for you to work with your child.

Remember to.....
Contact me if you have any questions.
Whether it is how to access a site or teach a skill to your child.  I can be reached by text, email or ClassTag.

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