Mrs. Lisa May

Welcome to Mrs. May's 4th grade class! I'm looking forward to a wonderful year together!

Resource Schedule
Monday: Library

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE (and Guidance-B Week)

Thursday: PE

Friday: Art and Music


Grading Scale

A: 90-100


C: 70-79


F: 59 and below


Homework assignments will be given daily (although sometimes it may just be to study), except on Fridays. Your child will be responsible for writing down his/her homework in their agenda daily. Please be sure to check your child’s agenda and initial nightly. I may use the agenda as a form of communication, as well as reminders, etc. All homework is due the next day unless otherwise stated. Homework assignments are expected to be completed bythe time your child arrives in the classroom each morning.

Homework Expectations 

  • All homework is to be completed in pencil
  • All homework must be labeled with your name
  • Your work should be neatly and carefully written so it is easy to read
  • Keep your homework clean and unwrinkled
  • Use your homework folder to transport your homework back and forth from home to school
  • Be sure to check over/edit your homework
  • Remember to always do your best 

Discipline Plan

I will be sending home a letter to parents about our use of Class Dojo and how to sign up to see your child’s successes and perhaps skills that they may need to work on. Please remember that no students are perfect and that every student at one point or another will most likely loose points. Please do not think that this is cause for concern. If a behavior persists causes any alarm I will contact parents/guardians.

Your child will help to establishthe Class Dojo point system. As a class, we will discuss what we need to be successful and from this discussion choose positive behaviors to receive points for and negative behaviors that points would be deducted for. Each time a student reaches 25 positive points, they will be rewarded with a prize.

We will also be following a fourth-grade wide motto of REDO.

R- Reflect

E- Evaluate

D- Demonstrate

O- Over It!

This will be used in academic and behavioral instances. It will give students a chance to think about, reflect, and evaluate choices they have made or difficulties they have had. They will demonstrate these new solutions and then, the best part we get OVER IT! We move on with our work and our day!


  • If a problem occurs once, a verbalwarning will be given.
  •  *2-3 occurrences will result loss of privilege. This could include 5 minutes out at recess, loss of flexible seating, finishing work at recess, silent lunch, etc.
  • If the problem persists the teacher will conference with the student to try to come up with solutions to the problem behavior.
  • If the behavior still persists, parent contact will be made.

*This may depend on the severity of the behavior; some lesser behaviors may result in another warning (i.e. talking in class).

Homework Folders

 Your child will have a homework folder thatwill come home with them daily. This folder will have their nightly homework. Once it is completed, it should be placed in the HW folder so it gets returned the next day to class. It may also have notes from the school or class that need your attention. Please make sure that you check it nightly. It is also a great place for you to place notes and money that need to be sent in, just make sure your child is aware so they can turn it in. Please clean it out regularly! Keep test study guides and important papers (marked with an asterisk *) throughout the year at home to review for the SOLs.

Tuesday Folders 

Each Tuesday, that we are in school, your child will bring home his/her Tuesday Folder. In the event that we are out of school on Tuesday, it will come home on the next school day. Please review the contents, complete necessary forms, and sign the log indicating you have seen the folder. Please spend some time going over your child’s grades and papers. Ask them questions about their work and have them share information that they have learned. Please return the folder the following day. It may be helpful to keep unit tests and quizzes to help review for SOL tests.


We are in this year together! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. There are several ways to do this…

In addition to this, I will also be sending out a weekly newsletter at the beginning of each week on Class Dojo. This could include any dates for upcoming school events, testing/project dates for the week, units to be studying at home, etc. 

I'm so excited to get to know you all!


Our schedule:2017-2018 May_Schedule.pdf

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