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Bedford County Public Schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  During this closure, I will send a weekly email with suggestions for your child to review math concepts from this year.

Below is a list of skills students should review during this time.

4th Grade:
*Basic Multiplication and Division Facts
​*Fractions-adding, subtracting (like and unlike denominators)
*Fractions- reducing, ordering fractions
*Multiplying Numbers up to 3-digit
*Long Division (with and without remainders)
*Place Value (naming places to the millions
*Decimal Place Value to the thousandths
*Adding and Subtracting Decimals
*Rounding Numbers including decimals
*Elapsed Time to the minute interval
*Geometry-naming lines, angles, rays
*Geometry-names of triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals
*Geometry 3-D Shapes
*Geometry- area and perimeter of quadrilaterals

5th Grade:
*Odd/Even Numbers
*Prime/Composite Numbers
*Long Division
*Place Value to the billions and ten thousandths place
*Rounding Numbers (including decimals)
*Adding/Subtracting Decimals
*Multiplying/Dividing Decimals
*Ordering Decimals
*Converting Decimals to Fractions
*Ordering Decimals and Fractions
*Adding/Subtracting Fractions
*Multiplying Fractions
*Reducing Fractions
*Converting Fractions to Decimals
*Geometry- using a protractor
*Geometry- naming angles and triangles
*Geometry- names of 3-D shapes
*Geometry- perimeter and area of quadrilaterals
*Geometry- perimeter and area of triangles
*Geometry- volume of 3-D shapes
*Geometry- parts of a circle
*Measurement- customary and metric
*Measurement- conversion tables
*Mean, Median, Mode and Range
*Algebra (single variable equations)
*Geometry- circumference of a circle

Most skills were covered prior to the abrupt ending of school.  For those interested in what need to be done, please look at the list below.

4th Grade:
*Measurement- measuring objects with customary and metric
*Measurement- introduction to capacity and mass
*Graphing- Bar Graphs, line graphs
*Algebra- introduction of term variable (unknown number)

5th Grade:
*Graphing- line graph, double bar graph, stem and leaf plot
*Elapsed time to the minute

Web Pages to Use for Math Review: (This link will allow your child access to Edgenuity (5th Grade) as well as other lessons I've included in my Clever classroom) (This link provides lessons as well as practice on math concepts.) (Great practice that is grade level specific) (This website practices concepts and paces your child's learning.)

GOOGLE CLASSROOM- students may also use all the items from this year in their Google Classroom.  There are lessons, review videos, practice activities, and notes for all the concepts we have covered.

Parent Portal:

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Daily Schedule:
7:45-8:00- Entry Task/Opening of Day
8:00-8:15- Morning Meeting
8:15 - 8:45 - Resource
8:45 - 9:45 - Math (Mason)
9:45- 10:30- Reading (Sennett)
10:30-11:15- U.S. History (May)
11:15-12:00- Language/Writing (Peterson)
12:00-12:15- Recess
12:20-12:50- Lunch
12:50-1:10- Recess
1:10-1:35- Remediation/Enrichment
1:40-2:25- Science (Carvajal)
2:25-2:30- Pack up/Dismissal

Resource Schedule:
Monday/Thursday-Music 8:15-8:45
Tuesday/Friday- PE 8:15-8:45
Wednesday- Library 8:15-9:00
Wednesday- Art 9:00-9:45
Guidance- 1:10-1:40 (Every other Thursday)